Alcoa Aluminum Siding from the Home Exteriors Line: Envoy® + Endurance®

Now known as the Mastic Home Exteriors line of Performance Metals®, Alcoa aluminum siding includes two distinct yet equally premium lines of products: Envoy® and Endurance®. Exceptionally durable, these siding products are rated for wind speeds of up to 165 mph, and they include an advanced locking system to help them hold tight in any weather. Constructed of premium-quality aluminum and double-coated withMastic’s proprietary Alumalure 2000® finish, Alcoa aluminum siding is as resilient as it is versatile and beautiful.

Alcoa Aluminum SidingAlcoa aluminum siding includes:

  • Extensive testing to ensure premium performance
  • A high-tech design to replicate the look of real wood without the maintenance
  • Your choice of eight colors plus Mastic’s more than 700 DreamColors to truly bring your project to life.
  • A weather resistant design to boost color retention and reduces/eliminates corrosion

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