Hurricane Storm Panel Products from ANCHORSafe in Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia

When you’re looking for top quality, you simply can’t beat ANCHORSafe hurricane storm panel products. A wholly owned subsidiary of ASI Building Products, ANCHORSafe panels are built by experts in the industry. Our technicians have in-depth knowledge of the minute differences that make a good panel a great panel, and they use this knowledge to create the best products possible. Easy to install and even easier to remove, ANCHORSafe hurricane storm panel systems make protecting your home or business a snap – literally. And with three installation options, you can choose exactly how you want to install your panels as well.

ANCHORSafe hurricane storm panel products come in three materials to let you pick the one that best fits your needs:

  • 28 gauge steel
  • .050 nominal thickness aluminum
  • Acrylic clear

Available in both custom and standard sizes, there’s an ANCHORSafe hurricane storm panel design to fit your needs. Because these panels meet ALL Florida building requirements, including Dade, Boward, and Palm Beach, you can get their premium protection regardless of your location in the state. Even if you’re not in Florida, ANCHORSafe hurricane storm panel products are available nationwide, providing protection wherever you need it. Impact tested to 50 feet per second, you simply can’t beat the protection of an ANCHORSafe hurricane storm panel.

Call or e-mail ASI BP today for more information on how to get the ANCHORSafe hurricane storm panel system for your structure.