Berridge Metal Roofing for Atlanta, Jacksonville, Birmingham, and Beyond

Founded in 1970, Berridge has been producing top-quality metal roofing and other building supplies for more than thirty years. Specializing in creating innovative new designs, specifically in the architectural sheet metal industry, Berridge also produces beautiful, durable, and affordable metal roofing for homes and businesses nationwide. From Alabama to Mississippi to Georgia and our home state of Florida, ASI BP can provide you and contractors with exceptional Berridge metal roof products for virtually any need.

Some of the metal roofing styles Berridge offers include:

  • Tee-Panel
  • High Seam Tee-Panel
  • Cee-Lock Panel
  • Zee-Lock Standing Seam
  • Batten Seam
  • Curved Zee-Lock Panel
  • S-Tile Panel
  • Classic Shingle
  • Curved Tee-Panel
  • Spanish Tile
  • Rustic Shake
  • Bermuda Roof Panel
  • Double-Rib Panel
  • More

In addition to its incredible durability, beauty, and versatility, metal roofing and sidingfrom Berridge is also quite environmentally friendly, and it can even reduce energy consumption. Using reflective materials, Berridge roofs can help decrease your heating and cooling costs. Plus, using sustainable building materials such as Berridge metal roofing can even earn you LEED credits, as the 30% recycled content of these products exceeds LEED 2.2 requirements. In addition, Berridge metal roofing is 100% recyclable.

For more information on affordable, durable, and beautiful Berridge products from Tampa to Auburn and beyond, call or e-mail ASI BP today.