Cedar Discovery® Half-Round for Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Alabama, and Beyond

If you’re searching for premium vinyl siding that’s easy to install, look no further than Mastic’s Cedar Discovery® Half-Round. This siding features Mastic’s patented Full-Panel Side-Lok™, a five-point locking system that makes side-to-side locking essentially error-free for the most secure installation. It also features the Sure Position Lapping Gauge™, which allows for perfect panel-to-panel alignment and lapping, even in extreme weather conditions, during installation.Cedar Discovery Half Round

Some of the features that set MasticHalf-Round siding apart from the rest are:

  • Nominal thickness of .080
  • Wind speed rating of up to 210 mph
  • 50% longer panels for faster installation
  • Flexible panels for easier installation in tight corners
  • It will not produce harmful silica dust like some fiber cement products
  • Doesn’t require paint or stain, so it won’t release any harmful VOCs into the atmosphere

Half-Round vinyl siding is also available in a number of fashionable colors, including Victorian grey, sage, Montana suede, blushing coral, and more – so it can match the outer décor of almost any house. This siding also comes backed by a premium manufacturer’s warranty, so you will have the peace of mind knowing your job is covered.

Please call or e-mail ASI Building Products today for more information. We operate in cities throughout the Southeast, including Tampa, Atlanta, Jackson, Birmingham, and beyond.