Cedar Discovery ® Hand-Split Shake for Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Beyond

Part of the Cedar Discovery ® line, Hand-Split Shake siding from Mastic is a leading product for homeowners looking for a combination of style, performance, and durability. Stylistically speaking, Hand-Split Shake siding is available in 27 different colors, including colonial yellow, desert sand, terra cotta, natural cedar, and more. With all of this selection, you are sure to find a color to match the outer décor of any home.
Some of the many benefits of Mastic Hand-Split Shake are:Cedar Discovery Hand Split Shake

  • Wind speed rated of up to 190 mph
  • Up to 12% longer panels for faster installation
  • Patented full panel Side-LOK™ locking system
  • No paint or stain needed
  • Premium manufacturer’s guarantee
  • No harmful silica dust produced
  • Many more

All Mastic vinyl siding is made from readily available natural materials, a very sustainable formula. This makes Cedar Discovery ® siding safe, sustainable, and recyclable. So homeowners who are concerned about the environment will have the peace of mind that they are using a “green” product.

For more information on our Mastic Cedar Discovery ® products, please call or e-mailASI today. We proudly offer service to cities throughout the Southeast, including Tampa, Orlando, Atlanta, Jackson, Biloxi, Birmingham, and beyond.