Composite Fencing for Tampa, Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia and Beyond

For the ultimate in both form and function, you simply can’t beat composite fencing. Whether you’re nearby in Tampa, Florida, over in Alabama, up in Mississippi, or our neighbor in Georgia, ASI has the fencing, decking, and railing you need to create a beautiful and durable construction. Unlike wood, which needs to be repainted, composite fencing does not fade or peel over time, maintaining its beauty throughout the years despite blazing sun and pounding rain. Also unlike wood fencing, composite materials do not splinter, crack, warp, or split, providing many years of use without compromise.

Along with these features, some of the benefits of composite fencing include:

  • Termite resistance protects you from costly repairs and damage
  • Class B fire rating provides a level of protection against fire damage
  • Easy to install so you can start enjoying your composite fencing immediately
  • Doesn’t decay, so you don’t have to worry about old age
  • Low maintenance means no repainting or sanding; just blast it with a pressure washer to make it look like new.

With a 10 year limited warranty, your composite fencing comes with ASI’s guarantee of great service and fast, professional delivery.  The two-sided wood embossed surface makes this fencing just as beautiful and stylish as wood, without the maintenance or short life span. Choose from multiple colors to create the scheme you want and the beauty you deserve. Our beautiful composite fencing designs will truly transform your living space, providing a place for your family to relax as well as for entertaining guests.

Call or e-mail ASI today for more information on all our composite fencing.