Energy Star Rated Metal Roof Products for Tampa, Atlanta, Birmingham, Jackson, and Beyond from CoolR Guard

Built of 70 percent Kynar 500® or Hylar 5000® pre-painted metal and acrylic coated Galvalume®, energy star rated metal roof products from CoolR Guard and ASIBP are a great way to improve the efficiency and insulation of a structure. With up to 90 percent emissivity, CoolR Guard’s roofs last more than 35 years with very little necessary maintenance, providing an exceptional value with true staying power. Plus, the paint colors keep 95 percent of their initial emittance and reflectance, maintaining their beauty and efficiency year after year.Energy Star Rated Metal Roof Products from CoolR Guard and ASIBPWith a typical minimum content of 25 percent recycled materials, an energy star rated metal roof from CoolR Guard is also 100 percent recyclable, making it extremely environmentally friendly.

Whether it’s a business in Atlanta, a home in Orlando, or a school in Birmingham, an energy star rated metal roof can not only decrease energy costs, but these metal roofing systems can even enhance the look of the entire structure. With colors like terra cotta, evergreen, and even teal, CoolR Guard’s roofs are available in styles to suit even the most particular tastes from picky contractors to homeowners and builders. Energy star rated metal roof colors also include metallic colors, non-painted, and cool roof/low gloss colors for even more options.

For efficiency, beauty, and more, you simply can’t beat an energy star rated metal roof from CoolR Guard. Call or e-mail ASI today to find out how to integrate this great product into your building project.