Use Dow Adhesive for Your Projects in Tampa, Macon, Birmingham, and Jackson

When you need a durable, affordable adhesive for your wall, floor, or roofing project, Dow adhesives  can help you create a lasting finished product. In addition to creating a strong bond, adhesives don’t leave unsightly holes like nails and screws do. Adhesives are also less expensive than other attachment materials like mortar. Dow adhesive is easy to dispense and portable, and since this product comes from a name you can trust, you will be proud to use it for your construction project. At ASI, we recommend Dow adhesive for a wealth of reasons, including:

  • Wide range of uses. Dow Enerbond can be used for a variety of projects and for bonding many materials. Concrete, drywall, foam board, lumber (even wet or frozen), masonry, metals, particleboard, and plywood are all materials that Enerbond works with.
  • Portability. Dow Tile Bond is a one-component polyurethane adhesive for attaching tiles to roof decks. The product is self-contained and can be used with easy-dispensing equipment to ensure your project runs smoothly. The equipment for both Tile Bond and the roofing adhesive Insta Stik requires no additional power source.
  • Durability. These heavy-duty, polyurethane formulas are made to last so you can do the job once and be done – no coming back in a year or two to fix everything again.
  • And More

Whether you are fixing a few small problems in your Tampa or Savannah home, or if you’ve been hired as a contractor for a large building in Biloxi or Mobile, Dow adhesive will suit your project’s needs across Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama.

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