Use Dow House Wrap for Your Building Project Across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi

Because of its superior quality, ASI is proud to offer Dow house wrap for your building and construction projects. Designed for job-site durability, Dow house wrap resists UV degradation and can be left uncovered for up to 120 days. This translucent house wrap also allows better visibility of studs and sheathing surface and contributes to the overall comfort of the building. Some of its many other features include:

  • Exceptional tear resistance means you won’t have to waste any materials due to low-quality
  • Reduces expensive air and moisture flow
  • Weather barrier house wrap contributes to climate control inside the building by providing a continuous protection against inward airflow
  • Prevents mold damage by controlling moisture intrusion
  • Promotes energy efficiency by managing air filtration. Since air filtration is said to account for up to 40% of home heating and cooling costs, choosing Dow house wrap can effectively lower energy bills.
  • And More

Available in various sizes for whatever your construction project needs, Weathermate housewrap from Dow Building Solutions can efficiently protect homes and businesses from the elements in Tampa, Savannah, Jackson, Birmingham, and other cities across Florida Georgia, Mississippi, and Alabama.

Call or e-mail ASI today for more information about how house wrap can improve your building project.