Dow Sealant and Spray Foam for Your Project Across Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi

Energy efficiency is a hot topic today, especially when we talk about construction projects. Since air flow accounts for up to 40% of energy costs in homes, it is important that all seals are airtight. Dow sealant comes as a spray foam insulation that is designed to create durable, water- and air-tight bonds. Dow sealant is easy to use and can be used in commercial or DIY projects, and includes features such as:

  • Quick drying. Tack-free in 6 minutes or less, Dow spray foam allows you to use your working time efficiently – no more waiting for insulation to dry. Dow FROTH-PAK becomes tack-free in 30-40 seconds and is completely cured within minutes, saving you even more time.
  • Variety of uses. Dow Styrofoam spray can be used to fill cracks, cavities, and expansion joints, as well as various usages in roofing applications.
  • Different size products to accommodate any job, from a small DIY home project to a high-rise building.
  • Water resistant. While latex foam is often “open cell”, meaning it can take on water (and thus, be easily washed off your hands and skin), Dow sealant is made from water resistant, closed-cell polyurethane foam.
  • And More

When you need a trustworthy product to complete your building project in Alabama, Florida, Mississippi, or Georgia, Styrofoam from Dow Building Solutions can provide just that. This ideal air sealant will help finish a project that you can be proud of.

E-mail or call ASI today to find out more about Dow sealants for your project in Miami, Jackson, Montgomery, and Macon, as well as any other city across Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, and Georgia.