Energy Efficient Roof for Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia & Throughout the Southeastern U.S.

You may have heard of replacing drafty, warped windows with energy efficient windows to conserve on cooling and heating costs. However, did you know there are energy efficient metal roof products that can also help save money? Not only do these metal roofs reduce energy bills, they also help protect the environment just like other green products, such as reflective foil insulation.

A highly emissive metal roof is capable of decreasing urban air temperatures by as much as 12 degrees Fahrenheit. If this is combined with a reflective metal roof, it decreases dependence on energy resources and general air pollution, and increases money saved by the building resident. In fact, the installation of a reflective metal roof can potentially lead to savings of up to 40 percent on cooling bills during the summer months. A white-painted metal roof offers the highest solar reflectance value of any roofing product, which means big annual savings on energy costs.

Did you know that the dark surface of an asphalt roof works to absorb the heat and transfer it into your home? An energy efficient roof, on the other hand, reflects solar energy and re-emits the heat. Therefore, the metal bounces the heat away from homes. This is especially vital in warmer climates.

In addition to reducing energy consumption, most energy efficient roof panels are made of recycled material and can be installed on top of an existing asphalt roof. By not removing the old roof, this decreases waste that ends up on landfills.

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