Green Construction – How Is It Different?

You may have heard the term green construction, but many contractors may still wonder what really makes it different from traditional methods. Otherwise known as sustainable building, this type of innovative construction differs from conventional building in a number of ways.

Contractors may already know that many of the same considerations as traditional construction go into green building: site size and preparation, architectural plans and designs that meet a client’s needs, permitting, utilities, materials selection, and the timing and execution of the actual construction process itself. Finally, landscaping and official inspection completes a finished construction project.

But, while conventional construction often emphasizes cost and aesthetic, green construction goes beyond these elements. With green projects, building design and orientation, construction methods, and materials are all carefully analyzed and incorporated into a project, aiming for these specific results:

  • Maximum energy efficiency
  • Minimum environmental impact
  • Resource conservation
  • Recyclability and renewability
  • And more

In an effort to earn the above results, green construction materials and technologies often incorporated into a project include:

  • Roofing in white or another light color for energy savings and natural cooling/insulating properties.
  • PVC windows with insulated, Low E/Argon gas filled, impact glass for energy savings, noise reduction, and weather resistance.
  • High-end vinyl siding for durability, energy saving insulating properties, and weather resistance. Lower maintenance and greater longevity than standard vinyl siding.
  • Decking, fencing, and railing materials composed of sturdy, recycled, maintenance-free materials that are more eco-friendly, weather-resistant, and longer-lasting than wood and certain other materials.
  • Eco-friendly photovoltaics, solar panels, and fuel cells that take advantage of a free energy source – the sun – which ultimately means lower utility bills.
  • And more

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