Green Home Building – What to Consider and What to Expect

So you want to go green?  Congratulations! You’re embarking on an exciting adventure into the innovative enterprise of green home building. Whether you’re a home builder retrofitting residences with new, energy efficient windows or roofs, or a contractor juggling multiple commercial jobs, ASI Building Products is the place to shop for all of your green products needs.

ASI Building Products is the leader in quality, knowledge, experience and service for construction materials in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and throughout the Southeast. We are among an elite group of building suppliers and contractors selected for the Greenovation of Terra Verde, the revamping of an old farmhouse in Ocala, Florida, using green products, including an eco-friendly solar roof supplied by ASI.

If you’re a little green – that is inexperienced – relax.  Green home building and renovation is affordable, as well as easy to understand and carry out, and ASI will assist you every step of the way, beginning with what to consider and what to expect with your green construction.Green House

What to consider before purchasing green construction products:

  • Which materials will be incorporated into the green home building project? For example, windows, doors, roofing, siding, patio/pool enclosures, insulated glass, impact glass, adhesives, sealants, etc.?
  • How can I purchase materials to make the structure more energy efficient?
  • How can I increase the structure’s renewability and sustainability?
  • How can I incorporate materials that will provide cost savings by reducing future maintenance of the structure?

Examples of benefits you can expect from the use of green home building materials:

  • Energy savings: A Classic brand metal roof can save up to 20% on heating/cooling bills.
  • Weather resistance: Green building materials frequently exceed the Florida High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Building Code, the strictest code in the nation. Many products can withstand Category 4 hurricane-strength winds (up to 151 mph), and Mastic Home Exterior’s Structure ® EPS Premium Insulated Siding is rated to withstand winds up to 190 mph.
  • Reduction of exterior noise: Green building products, such as insulated glass, frequently offer this added benefit.
  • Variety: Colors, configurations, styles and prices are wide-ranging.
  • Warranties from 20 years to lifetime: Extensive warranties mean materials manufacturers stand behind their products, so contractors can rest assured that the sustainable building materials they have installed will be trouble-free year after year.
  • Ease of installation: Interlocking components and detailed instructions ensure that your use of green building products will proceed smoothly and without complications.

If you are a contractor, contact ASI today and let us satisfy all your green home building needs with our affordable, high-quality materials and excellent customer service. We understand that you need your materials on time, and we will deliver to meet your construction schedule so you can satisfy your customers every time.