Green Roof Construction with Metal Materials

Supplying materials for green roof construction is a specialty at ASI Building Products. Not only do we offer solar roofs, such as EnergyPeak, and a range of top metal roofing brands, including Wheeling Corrugated, Metro, Classic, and more, we even have our own wholly owned brand of metal roofing, CMF Roof.

Metal is a terrific choice for green roof construction because:Green Metal Roof

  • Heating and cooling energy savings of up to 20% or more are achieved. This is especially significant in Florida and other southeastern states that experience near-year-round warm-to-hot temperatures.
  • Drastically reduced attic temperatures of 34% or more.
  • Lifetime warranties are offered by many brands.
  • Metal has exceptional UL ratings – for example UL 580 for the Classic brand – meaning the roof can withstand winds of up to 200 mph. Metal also wins outstanding Class IV UL ratings for impact resistance.
  • Many metal brands exceed the Florida Statewide High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) Building Code, the strictest building code in the nation.
  • Interlocking systems and other panel and shingle systems provide a weatherproof seal and make installation easy. Most brands can be installed over an existing roof.
  • Metal withstands rust, cracking, mildew, and rot, and is insect impervious.
  • Heat reflects off metal panels, easily melting ice and snow.

ASI is proud to supply green roof construction materials to contractors throughout the southeastern U.S., and we are committed to offering superior experience, knowledge and service for all green construction products.  We understand that undue delays must be avoided for you or your customers in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, the Southeast, and beyond, so we do everything possible to deliver products on time and under budget.

Green metal roofing materials come in an array of profiles – tile, shake, shingles, and corrugated panels, to name a few – and in materials ranging from aluminum to copper to sheet metal and steel.  A variety of color coatings are also available to help you create the look you want with the durability and sustainability you need.

Contact us today for more information on green roof construction or to get a quote for your project.