Green Siding for Your Home or Business in Tampa, Macon, Jackson, or Biloxi

Siding is an important part of any building, and with today’s growing concerns about protecting the environment, some of your customers may be asking about materials for green siding. While the most popular material for siding in North America is wood, this method is high priced and more importantly, is often crafted from trees like the cedar, which take a long time to renew in nature. Alternative materials you can use for green siding include:

  • Solid wood. Some siding unfortunately comes from trees that take a very long time to mature, which can put strain on the natural resource. However, wood siding can be extremely durable. Purchasing FSC-certified or repurposed wood products can ensure that you help the environment while attaining a look you love.
  • Metal. Often, green siding made from metal comes from recycled materials like aluminum or steel.
  • Fiber cement. Siding comprised of cement and wood fibers can lend a durable and affordable way to get the look of natural wood without having negative effects on the environment the way some wood siding can.
  • And much more

By working with ASI, you can be prepared when your customers ask about green siding. Our products will help you meet your time goals as well as help you stay within your budget.

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