HardieWrap for Projects in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Beyond

HardiewrapPerfect for any climate, HardieWrap weather barrier provides a versatile and effective solution to protecting homes and other structures. This innovative product perfectly balances resistance to moisture with permeability to protect the structure from external water while allowing internal moisture that can cause mold and mildew to escape.
In addition to the weather barrier, the HardieWrap line includes several complementary products:

  • Pro-Flashing – A tear-resistant self-adhesive made of butyl rubber, Pro-Flashing is used to create a seal around windows and doors, adhering to the weather barrier and sheathing and around fasteners even in extreme climates. This product is free of VOCs (volatile organic compounds), asphalts, and solvents so as to ensure performance over time.
  • Flex Flashing – This product is made specifically for custom shapes that are more difficult to seal with regular flashing.
  • Seam Tape – As the name suggests, Seam Tape is made to cover any small holes or seams in the weather barrier to create a smooth, uniform barrier.

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