Hurricane Protection Nets Offer Alternative Storm Protection in Florida, Georgia, and the Southeast

When the summer storm season approaches, people begin to make their yearly preparations. Water, batteries, and in some cases hurricane nets are some of the items that people stock up on. Just as effective as storm shutters, hurricane nets actually slow the flow of air when it reaches your property and catch flying debris.

Hurricane Protection Nets from CAT-5Some of the benefits of hurricane protection nets include:

  • They still allow light to enter your home or property, which can be extremely helpful in power outages.
  • Can cut hurricane and storm wind pressure by up to 63% to protect your home.
  • They catch debris and keep it from flying away.
  • Easy installation and storage.
  • Protects your entire structure, not just the windows and doors.
  • They are Dade City / high-missile and HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone) approved.
  • Much more

ASI Building Products is the exclusive nationwide dealer of CAT-5 hurricane nets. With several sizes available, the possibilities are endless when it comes to protecting your property. Contact us today for more information about CAT-5 hurricane protection nets and how we can help you enhance the protection of your home with storm protection products in Tampa, Miami, Mobile, and throughout the Southeast.