Hurricane Protection Nets: An Innovative Way to Protect Your Investment

Hurricane Protection Nets - CAT-5

Although hurricane shutters, panels, and other hurricane protection products can provide fortification against the elements, they have limited use. However, hurricane protection nets afford unprecedented coverage and protection for homes, businesses, and other structures. Hurricane protection nets work by actually slowing air down, cutting hurricane wind pressures by up to 63%, and providing a net to catch flying debris, as well as prevent the objects contained in the net from blowing away. Rather than shut out light like solid wood or metal, hurricane protection nets are formed from a mesh-like net, which lets light through; this feature is especially helpful during power outages.

There are many benefits to CAT-5 hurricane protection nets, including:

  • Easy to install
  • Easy storage
  • Provides protection for porches and other open areas
  • Protects the entire structure rather than just windows and doors
  • Lets in light
  • Three sizes from which to choose for your custom cut
  • Virtually infinite uses
  • Dade County / high-missile approved
  • HVHZ (high velocity hurricane zone) approved

ASI is the exclusive nationwide distributor of the revolutionary CAT-5 hurricane protection nets. This product is great for a variety of structures and objects, including roofs, homes, manufactured homes, lanais, screened porches, railings, sheds, boats, cars, and more. Even if you already have hurricane panels and/or shutters, hurricane protection nets can enhance the fortification of your structure and provide protection for siding and the roof, as well as any outdoor structures. Hurricane protection nets are anchored into the ground and onto the structure itself to provide a solid base. With grommets every six inches and solid clamps holding the nets in place, you won’t have to worry about the stability of your hurricane protection nets, and you can rest easy knowing that they are firmly in place, protecting your structures. Plus, CAT-5 hurricane protection nets can easily be attached to one another to cover any-size home or business.