Permex Hurricane Shutters by J & L Shutters: Quality, Integrity, and Strength

Nearly identical to J & L Shutters’ exterior shutter line, Permex hurricane shutters have GE’s Lexan actually incorporated into the panel, making them incredibly impact resistant. Quick and easy to install, Permex hurricane shutters provide serious protection without a long, arduous installation process. Simply screw in the storm bar to the permanently attached threaded inserts, close the panels, secure the storm bar from within the structure, and you’re done. Stop lugging around ladders trying to reach those out-of-the-way places. When a storm is coming, speed is priceless. An investment in Permex hurricane shutters can make the difference between almost getting everything done and being sure your home is protected, not to mention saving you the aches and pains from carrying around heavy equipment.

Permex hurricane shutters are available in a number of distinctive styles, including:

  • Beaded Board
  • Combination
  • Recessed Board
  • Louvered/Bahama
  • Raised Panel

Tested and approved to 60 PSF, Permex hurricane shutters combine strength and beauty. Choose from standard or custom paint colors to fit and even complement the exterior of your home. And, with custom sizing, you can be sure that your Permex hurricane shutters fit your home – and your needs – perfectly. Using the finest materials, the experts at J & L Shutters craft all their Permex hurricane shutters with intense attention to detail and a commitment to the quality of each and every piece that leaves their factory. It is this integrity that makes ASI proud to offer Permex to our customers from Florida to Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and beyond.

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