Louvered Shutters for Atlanta, Charleston, Jackson, Orlando, and Beyond

ASI Building Products offers louvered shutters from highly regarded brands Mastic and MidAmerica. These shutters are available in styles that can suit homeowners looking for either a fresh, contemporary look or a traditional, colonial look. You can also find sizes ranging from 5 and ¾ inches wide to 18 inches wide and 25 inches tall to 80 inches tall. Both manufacturers also offer custom sizes in order to fit windows of all sizes.Louvered Shutters

There are many different louvered shutters from Mastic and MidAmerica available through ASI, including:

  • Standard Open 12” in lengths ranging from 27” to 71”
  • Standard 15” in lengths ranging from 25” to 81”
  • Cottage Style Open 15”
  • Standard Cathedral Open® in nominal widths of 12” and 14 ½” with lengths ranging from 25” to 80”
  • Custom Style-A Louver™ in widths of 9 ¼”, 12”, and 14 ½” with lengths ranging from 25” to 80”

ASI has been a trusted supplier of louvered shutters for over 40 years, so we have the experience necessary to answer any question you may have. All of the products offered from ASI come with manufacturer’s warranties, some of which are lifetime warranties, so you can rest assured that the job you’re doing will be covered.

For more information on the shutters offered through ASI, including open louvered shutters from Mastic, please call or e-mail us today. We proudly offer service to Georgia, South Carolina, Florida, Mississippi, and many other states.