Mastic Aluminum Columns for Porches from Tampa, Florida to Birmingham, Alabama and Beyond

Truly a pillar of the Mastic exterior home accents line, Mastic aluminum porch columns exude both style and strength. Available in multiple fashions, the Monticello aluminum columns provide the traditional, authentic look of wood with the durability and longevity of aluminum. With an electrostatic painted finish to create and maintain its elegant appearance, Monticello aluminum columns are virtually maintenance free. Forget about repainting, repairing, warping, fading, or rotting. Unlike wood, aluminum is immune to termite and water damage.

Some of the most beneficial features of these aluminum porch columns include:

  • Available in three colors: clay, almond, and white
  • Multiple bases: square cap, round cap, Corinthian cap and more
  • Three distinct styles: panel, square fluted, and round fluted
  • Strength: each of these aluminum columns can support up to 42,500lbs
  • Easy installation: from updating an existing column to adding new supports, Mastic’s split caps and bases and wraparound design make installation fast and easy
  • Multiple sizes: widths from 4” to 12” and heights of up to 24’

Perfectly suited for a variety of applications and locations, Mastic aluminum columns are just as at home on an Alabama porch as they are in a Clearwater business. As versatile as they are graceful, you can enjoy these accents regardless of your need.

Simply call or e-mail ASI today, and we’ll get you started. We’re confident that you’ll love your aluminum columns, not to mention our personal, professional customer service and fast delivery.