Mastic Barkwood ® for Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, and Beyond

With attractive lines and superior quality, Mastic Barkwood® has been a bestselling siding product for more than 30 years. ASI Building Products is a proud supplier of all Mastic siding products, including T-LOK Barkwood ®, a premium vinyl siding product crafted from natural sustainable materials, making it safe, durable, and recyclable. This is an exceptional product for all homeowners, especially those concerned with the environment, because vinyl doesn’t require any paint or stain, so no harmful VOCs will be released into the atmosphere. It also doesn’t produce any harmful silica dust, which may cause lung damage, like some fiber cement products do.Mastic Barkwood

Some highlights of Mastic Barkwood ® are:

  • Premium .048 thickness, which provides 25% more impact resistance than standard .040 panels
  • Hang Tough™ technology, which makes panels more resistant to cracking and thermal distortion
  • Advanced locking system and nail hem
  • Wind speed rated of up to 165 mph
  • Class 1(A) fire rating
  • Many more

Mastic Barkwood ® also comes with a premium manufacturer’s warranty, giving homeowners looking for lasting quality peace of mind. It is also available in 16 colors, including cameo, silver grey, sage, wicker, and more, so you will be sure to find a style that can match the outer décor of any home.

For more information on Mastic Barkwood ® and other mastic vinyl siding products available from ASI, please call or e-mail us today. We offer service to many southeastern cities, including Tampa, Atlanta, Jackson, Birmingham, and more.