Mastic Carvedwood for Tampa Bay, Birmingham, Jackson, Atlanta, and Surrounding Areas

Mastic Carvedwood siding from ASI Building Products is a state-of-the-art product for homeowners looking for a stylish upgrade for their house that is safe, sustainable, and recyclable. Available in many different colors, including sandtone, Montana suede, russet red, classic cream, and more, this siding boasts and unmatched combination of style and performance. It is manufactured with Hang-Tough™ technology, which makes panels more resistant to cracking, impact, and thermal distortion. And with a wind speed rating of up to 200 mph, homeowners will receive a panel with superior wind resistance.Mastic Carvedwood

Mastic Carvedwood is available in:

  • Single 8” smooth
  • Double 4” woodgrain
  • Double 4” smooth
  • Double 4-1/2” Dutch lap woodgrain
  • Double 5” woodgrain
  • Triple 3” smooth

Mastic Carvedwood has a premium thickness of .044 and the T-2 Lok ® system, which delivers a positive locking action with a wider locking mechanism for more contact area. This siding is also very easy to install because it has rollover, reinforced nail hems, allowing for more precise and secure fastening.

Call or e-mail ASI Building Products today for more information on our Mastic products. No matter if you live in Orlando, Florida or Biloxi, Mississippi, ASI can provide you with these top-of-the-line products.