Mastic Economy Aluminum Soffit for Tampa, Atlanta, Biloxi, Mobile, and Surrounding Cities

Mastic Economy aluminum soffit is a durable and economical choice for homeowners looking for efficient performance in both ventilated and non-ventilated styles. Finished with the revolutionary Alumalure ® 2000, this soffit holds its color over the years and can resist strong corrosive elements like UV radiation and polluted air. Alumalure ® 2000 is applied in a two-coat process and is a combination of rust-inhibiting primer and an ultra-tough, low-mar topcoat.Mastic Economy Aluminum Soffit

Some of the other options and features of Mastic Economy are:

  • Triple 4” solid
  • Triple 4” center lanced
  • Triple 4” full lanced
  • A nominal thickness of .013
  • No paint or stain required
  • U-groove technology, which helps hide construction imperfections
  • Many more

With Mastic Economy soffit, homeowners can experience the Integrated Standards of Performance™ (ISP) difference. ISP is Mastic’s comprehensive product development and testing program. The process includes extensive testing to ensure the soffit performs well in the harshest weather conditions. Tensile strength, rigidity, wind resistance, color fidelity, and weatherability are also tested as part of the ISP.

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