Mastic Endurance ® Aluminum Soffit for Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Beyond

From their Performance Metals ® line, Mastic’s Endurance ® aluminum soffit features an unmatched combination of durability and exceptional ventilation performance. As a low-maintenance product, this soffit will add value to homes without requiring tireless hours of costly upkeep. Homeowners also won’t have to worry about sacrificing style for substance, as this aluminum soffit comes in a wide variety of colors, including royal brown, charcoal grey, classic cream, russet red, and many more.Endurance Aluminum Soffit

This aluminum soffit is available in the following styles and sizes:

  • V-groove
    • Double 6” solid
    • Double 6” perforated
  • U-groove
    • Double 6” solid
    • Double 6” lanced
    • Triple 4” solid
    • Triple 4” center lanced
    • Triple 4” full-lanced

ASI Building Products is proud to offer Mastic Endurance ® aluminum soffit and fascia. This product comes with a premium manufacturer’s warranty of lasting quality and performance, so any aluminum soffit installation with Endurance ® will be covered.

For more information on the full line of Mastic products available from ASI, please call or e-mail us today. We are happy to serve customers throughout the Southeast, from Tampa to Birmingham to Atlanta to Biloxi and other surrounding cities.