Mastic Home Exteriors: 50 Years of Phenomenal Products

Although they have been in the exterior cladding industry since 1932, Mastic truly began its life in 19Mastic Home Exteriors - 50 Years59 with its breakthrough vinyl siding – the first of its kind in the industry. Fifty years later, they’re still leading the pack with innovations such as their more than 700 DreamColors and their newest addition to the family, Ovation ™ New Quest Signature™ siding. Having joined forces with Alcoa, Mastic is perfectly poised to continue and expand their reputation for greatness for at least another 50 years. Beginning with their initial fusion in 1989 under the name Alcoa Home Exteriors, the name has evolved over the years from Alcoa Home Exteriors to Mastic, and finally, Mastic Home Exteriors. Although the name is different, the quality of the brand remains

Mastic provides multiple lines of beautiful products, including:

Opening its first siding plant in 1964, Mastic put down roots in South Bend, Indiana, and they’ve been growing ever since. Exceeding industry standards for decades, Mastic makes a habit of introducing products that are exceptionally durable, strong, and beautiful. From their 1969 invention of T-Lok Barkwood, which gives consumers the look and beauty of wood without the maintenance, to their Structure®EPS Premium Insulated Siding, which provides unprecedented energy savings with the thickest design in the industry, Mastic continues to pave the way in the siding industry.

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