Mastic Pro-Tech ® Plus Soffit for Tampa, Jackson, Atlanta, Birmingham, and Surrounding Cities

Mastic Pro-Tech ® Plus soffit is a premium siding product that is ideal for residential porch ceilings and carports. With thicknesses of .040 and .042, this soffit has greater strength and rigidity than the competition. This product is also manufactured with Mastic’s Hang Tough™ technology and the Duranyl 5000 ® protection system, which ensure optimal performance throughout the years. Hang-tough™ technology make the panels more resistant to impact, cracking, and thermal distortion, while Duranyl 5000® protects the color against harsh elements and maximizes long-term weatherability.Pro-Tech Plus Soffit

This soffit product is available in the following styles and sizes:

  • Triple 4” non-ventilated
  • Triple 4” ventilated
  • Triple 4”  center ventilated
  • Double 5” non-ventilated
  • Double 5” ventilated

This vinyl soffit comes in a wide variety of colors, including white, colonial yellow, sage, Victorian grey, autumn gold, and many more. So no matter the outer décor of a home, Mastic almost certainly has a color scheme to match it.

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