Mastic Roof + Eave Ventilation for Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Surrounding Areas

If you’re a contractor searching for a high-quality product that will moderate attic temperature and moisture levels year round, look no further than Mastic’s Roof + Eave Ventilation from ASI Building Products. This ventilation system is made up of Vent-A-Ridge® and Vent-A-Strip,® which help create an efficient airflow system that is nearly invisible along the peak of a roof. These ridge and soffit vents promote cross-ventilation with a speedy and complete change of attic air that is more effective than any other vent combination.Roof Eave Ventilation

Some of the benefits of this ventilation system are:

  • Total, season-long attic venting – this eliminates the need for costly, energy-consuming attic vent fan units
  • Low-profile ridge design – able to blend with existing roof lines, adding low-profile venting without taking away from the existing architectural style
  • Continuous, even air flow – reduces condensation while balancing indoor/outdoor temperatures throughout the year to keep attics warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer
  • Stable year-round attic temperatures – no matter the season, this system will effectively lower attic heat and moisture levels, adding years to roof life while reducing energy costs

This product is available in four colors: black, musket brown, mill, and white. Homeowners looking to “go green” will also be satisfied, as this ventilation system is eligible for points toward National Green Building Certification.

Please call or e-mail ASI today for more information on our Mastic siding products, including Roof + Eave Ventilation. We proudly serve customers throughout the Southeast, including Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and surrounding states.