Mastic Siding for Miami-Dade, Orlando, & Tampa, Florida

mastic sidingFrom its profiles with a beautiful and durable wood shake-look to sleek performance metals, Mastic siding is known as one of the top brands in the industry, and for good reason. Its durability in even the harshest elements is unparalleled, even when exposed to the hot sun and strong winds of Florida. Whether you’re in Miami, Tampa, Jacksonville, or anywhere in between, Mastic offers options to meet strict Florida building codes without sacrificing the beauty and style for which it’s known.

Here are just a few options available from ASI Building Products:

  • Structure Home Insulation System – Formulated with premium, recycled-content materials, Structure insulated siding is as ecofriendly as it is beautiful. Its expanded polystyrene (EPS) foam provides unparalleled protection against temperature extremes, while its impact resistant design protects from damage in the event of a hurricane or other adverse occurrence.
  • Traditional Lap Siding  – Encompassing ten different lines, each with their own distinctive style profiles, Mastic’s traditional lap siding includes a huge variety of textures, colors, lengths and shadow lines that are sure to satisfy even the most selective homeowner. Plus, its easy installation makes it a snap for professionals.
  • Vertical Siding – Available in a variety of profiles, Mastic vertical siding selection includes five different lines: Board+Batten, Pro-Bead, Pro-Select, Pro-Tech, and Ventura. While each offers its own unique style, all are exceptionally durable and provides year after year of beauty without fading, cracking, warping, or swelling.
  • Shakes & Shingles – For homeowners looking for the traditional beauty of wood shake siding, Mastic has the perfect solution: their Cedar Discovery line. Made of vinyl, this siding product is virtually indistinguishable from authentic wood shakes but comes without the rot problems that plague real wood. From the rough split look of the Cedar Discovery Hand Split Shakes to the smoother design of Cedar Discovery Perfection Shingle Double 7″ and Triple 5” shakes, and the Victorian-style Cedar Discovery Half-Round line, there’s an option for every homeowner.

In addition to these fine Mastic siding products, ASI also offers complementary products like soffit, shutters, gutters, and more in colors and designs to match flawlessly with any home’s exterior. For more information on Mastic siding or any of our products for your project in Miami, Orlando, Jacksonville, Ocala, or anywhere else in Florida, call or e-mail ASI Building Products today.