Mastic Vinyl Siding: A Variety of Product Lines, All with Exceptional Beauty and Quality

A true leader in the industry, Mastic vinyl siding is simply the best available. Rigorously tested on all features, Mastic products undergo a relentless quality control process that ensures their continued beauty and performance for years. From tensile strength to wind resistance, weatherability, and color consistency, if you can dream it, Mastic has tested it. Rated to sustain winds from 165 to 240mph, Mastic vinyl siding is some of the strongest and most dependable around, able to withstand even in the harshest weather. In states like Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, and Georgia, which commonly experience the effects of tropical storms and hurricanes, this trait is exceptionally valuable.

In addition to its strength and durability, Mastic vinyl siding comes in styles and designs for any desire. Their product lines include:

Adhering to even the strictest building codes, Metro-Dade 01-1025.03 and 02-0220.02, Mastic vinyl siding is certified by experts as superiorly durable and dependable. And, with more than 700 DreamColors to choose from and graceful, elegant styles, they’re extremely beautiful as well.

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