Nailite Cedar Composite Siding for Builders in Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Florida

Nailite Rough Sawn Cedar SidingAn industry leader in exterior cladding products, Nailite manufactures composite siding that is nearly indistinguishable from real wood. ASI Building Products offers Nailite cedar siding for contractors looking for the durable and low-maintenance attributes of composite and the classic feel of wood.  For an exceptionally realistic and rustic look, we carry Nailite rough sawn cedar.  This designer Nailite cedar product has the look of individual, rough-cut shingles, leaving homes and commercial buildings looking like classic, rustic cottages.

Some specifications and accessories for rough-sawn cedar siding from Nailite include:

  • Polypropylene material
  • 59 1/4”w x 15”h overall size with 55 ½”w x 13”h exposed
  • Polyvinyl Chloride accessories, including J-Channel ¾” Opening and 3 ¾” Outside Corner Post
  • Galvanized steel starter strips
  • And more

Nailite cedar siding is so realistic because the templates they use to create this stunning siding are made from actual cedar. The difference between Nailite and other vinyl or composite wood-look siding is immediately apparent – Nailite looks so realistic you’d swear it’d give splinters. ASI is proud to offer a wide array of Nailite siding, including Cedar Pride, Cape Cod Perfection, Hand-Split Shake, and more. Like all of or building products, when you order Nailite siding from ASI, it is guaranteed to be on time and prepared to your job specifications.

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