Perfect Corner ™ from Mastic for Tampa, Atlanta, Jackson, Mobile, and Surrounding Cities

The Perfect Corner ™ post from Mastic is nothing less than ingenious, boasting an integrated receiver pocket that makes installation a breeze. Along with significantly reducing installation time, this exclusive design also hides uneven edges, improving overall aesthetics. This is because the panels slide easily into recessed pockets, a virtually error-free process. This allows you to “align as you go” because the rigid construction aligns to the corner and snaps in place as you move up the wall. This corner post especially matches well with Mastic’s Cedar Discovery ® Hand-Split Shake.Perfect Corner

The Perfect Corner ™ post is available in double 7” and triple 5” and some of the features include:

  • No paint or stain required – so no harmful VOCs will be released into the atmosphere
  • Crafted from sustainable, natural materials – so it is safe, durable, and recyclable
  • Will not produce silica dust – a harmful byproduct produced by certain fiber cement products
  • Comes with a premium manufacturer’s warranty – so your job will be covered
  • Many more

ASI Building Products is proud to offer high-quality siding, including Mastic’s Perfect Corner ™ post, throughout the Southeast. We also carry a wide variety of superior rainware building materials for homeowners looking for optimum performance during the harshest weather.

For more information on the Mastic Cedar Discovery ® Perfect Corner™ Post, pleasecall or e-mail ASI Building Products today. Whether you live in Orlando, Florida, Biloxi, Mississippi, or another southeastern city, you can experience the many benefits associated with these top-of-the-line products.