Alcoa and Mastic Vinyl Siding Red White and Home Program

Having technically joined forces years ago, Alcoa and Mastic vinyl siding have taken definitive action to join their powerhouse brand names under the umbrella of “Mastic Home Exteriors.” One of the final steps in the evolution of the name and look, the logo change reflects fifty years of excellence and innovation. Having been a part of America’s construction industry for so long, it’s only natural that Alcoa and Mastic vinyl siding should take the initiative to support our troops with their Red, White and Home program. Providing incentives for contractors to choose these reliable, beautiful products, Alcoa and Mastic vinyl siding help provide homes for our heroes.

Running from March 1, 2009 through September 30, 2009, Mastic has teamed up with Homes for Our Troops, which is an organization that raises donations to provide houses for seriously injured service men and women upon their return from combat. In addition to monetary donations, Homes for Our Troops also strives to collect pledges of materials, professional labor from volunteers, and any other help they can get to take care of those who dedicated their time, safety, and life to our country’s continued success and freedom.

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