Roofing Materials from Berridge Including Tee Panel and More in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, and Beyond

Berridge Tee Panel and Roofing MaterialsNo matter if you are a contractor working on a commercial project in Atlanta or you’re a homeowner shopping for roofing materials for your house, turn to ASI for top-quality products from Berridge including popular, durable tee panel metal roofing. The Berridge tee panel is the No. 1 choice for standing seam roofing for architects and contractors throughout the country. Featuring hidden fasteners, tee panel roofing materials give the true appearance of a standing seam roof.

Available in prefinished and unfinished metals in a choice of two panel widths and extruded vinyl weather seal, this Berridge roofing option is:

  • Narrow seam appearance
  • UL 90 and UL fire resistance tested
  • ASTM E-1592, and ASTM air and water tested
  • Recommended for solid sheathing and roof slopes greater than 3:12
  • Much more

ASI Building Products has been supplying roofing materials throughout the Southeast for the past 40 years. We are committed to providing our customers with nothing but the best building products available from trusted manufacturers at affordable prices. Our customer service and selection is second to none.

Contact us today to learn more about tee panel roofing from Berridge Metal Roofing and how we can be of assistance to you throughout the Gulf Coast region.