Mobile Home Roof Over from Florida’s Premier Contractor Supply Company

In addition to our gorgeous sunroom, patio rooms, and pool enclosures, CMF Roof also manufactures a 1-1/2 inch riser, insulated mobile home roof over panel system. Fast and easy to install, our roof over is made to be installed directly over the existing mobile home roof with little preparation to the old roof. Not only does this save you time, but it saves you money from paying mobile home roof over contractors. Florida is home to many mobile home communities, and from ASI’s base in Tampa, we provide solutions for the entire state, as well as Alabama, Georgia, and Mississippi. In addition, these products include a layer of 2 inch foil-faced EPS foam, providing unparalleled energy-efficiency. Not only does this keep the heat from the sun out, but it can even save you money on power bills, since it will be easier to keep your home heated or cooled. It’s no wonder that these are contractors’ number one choice.

To account for rain and other inclement weather, our mobile home roof over is outfitted with a faccia trim or gutter, which is fastened to the perimeter edge of the home over the EPS foam. The roof over pans are sealed and fastened to the top of this fascia. All these steps create a beautiful yet efficient roof over, which is not only energy-efficient and insulated, but is watertight and leak-free.

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