Screen Enclosures for Jobs in Miami, Orlando, Tampa & Beyond

screen enclosuresFlorida is legendary for its bugs, particularly the mosquitoes, so it’s no wonder that screen enclosures are a popular feature for homes throughout the state. But, that’s not the only benefit these structures provide: Screen enclosures protect from insects and animals so residents and visitors can enjoy the outdoors, and they also help keep the patio area clear of leaves and other debris, eliminating the need to spend countless hours sweeping and skimming.

Regardless of whether you’re erecting an oversized structure for a commercial building in Ocala or a simple pool enclosure for a home in Ft. Myers, ASI Building Products can supply you with the high quality materials you need to get the job done well, quickly, and within budget. From small patio snap extrusions to large structural elements, we offer everything from components to pre-packaged sets for entire rooms. Our sizeable warehouses keep a large selection of products in stock and are located throughout the state to allow us to serve your needs faster and more efficiently. Whether you’re in Jacksonville, Orlando, or Miami, chances are good that we can get whatever you need to your job site quickly without blowing your budget.

To learn more about screen enclosures or any of our other pool and patio products including insect screens and privacy screens, please call or e-mail ASI Building Products today. We’ll be happy to send you a free brochure and go over exactly what you’re looking for.