Sheffield Roof – TOPRRetrofit Metal Roofing

Sheffield RoofAn economical way to get the benefits of a brand new roof without the labor or materials costs, the TOPR Sheffield roof system allows contractors to simply add a new roof right over the existing one. Not only does this cut down on costs, but due to the TOPR’s unique structural profile, it can also bring a building up to stricter, new building codes. This roof can also increase the building’s dead load capability by up to 65% and its uplift strength by up to 28%.

More benefits of the TOPR Sheffield roof include:

  • Roofing is highly energy efficient
  • The new roof system is a solid and durable structure
  • Roofing is compliant with stronger new building codes
  • Metal roofing can have a customizable shape
  • No additional bracing is necessary for tall members
  • Roofing is able to be roll formed to custom lengths as necessary

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