Snap-Clad for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi & Throughout the Southeastern United States

If you’re searching for roofing panels that have structural integrity but are also aesthetically pleasing, look no further than the Snap-Clad panels from Pac-Clad. These panels are manufactured in continuous lengths and have a factory-applied sealant bead that helps them withstand the elements. They are also corrective leveled, which means typical metal conditions such as crowning and edge wave are removed to provide superior flatness. Snap-Clad panels from Pac-Clad are intended for roofing, mansard, and fascia applications.Snap-Clad Church

These roofing panels feature:

  • Continuous interlock
  • Labor-saving one piece design
  • Factory produced eave notching options
  • Maximum panel length of 64 feet and minimum panel length of 4 feet
  • 37 different colors for the 24 gauge steel, 13 colors for 22 gauge steel, 36 colors for .032 aluminum, and 18 colors for .040 aluminum
  • Panels in 16 oz copper
  • And much more

These panels can be used in a variety of different structures such as churches, libraries, community centers, toll plazas, even residential homes.

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