Stair Rail Options – Vinyl, Metal, or Composite?

When you’re searching for stair rail for your next project, the number of options can often seem overwhelming, not to mention figuring out what material and style best suits your requirements. Thankfully, the experts at ASI can assist you not only in deciding what type to get, but also with actually getting it. Our fast shipping and affordable products allow you to get the materials you need, when you need them so you can get the job done.

The three stair rail materials offered by ASI Buliding Products are:

  • Vinyl – one of the most popular stair rail materials, vinyl is noted for its extremely low maintenance needs, as well as an ability to withstand many years of intense heat and sun without fading, warping, cracking, or splintering like wood.
  • Composite – for those builders who want to use wood but don’t want all the traditional problems or high maintenance that come along with it, composite stair rail is the perfect solution. Made of real wood, this material is a mixture that eliminates splinters, cracking, and many of the other issues associated with wood rail.
  • Metal – as one might imagine, metal stair rail is exceptionally durable, which is its main benefit. For those contractors or homeowners who don’t want vinyl or composite, but still want a durable, beautiful option, metal is the answer. Lending a rustic, traditional style to any staircase, metal railing is perfect for more traditional homes.

Although each has its own distinct benefits, all three come with our superior customer service and the personal assistance of one of our knowledgeable and helpful representatives. Enjoy fast turnaround times, speedy shipping, and the highest quality, all at the lowest possible price.

For more information, or to learn more about the different types of stair rail, call or e-mail us today.