Vinyl Siding Colors from Alcoa Provide a Custom Look to Homes in Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Mississippi

When it’s time to update or replace the siding on your home or business, choosing vinyl siding colors that complement your design and motif can really make a difference in the impression your property makes. Wood siding is stunning, but the maintenance required to keep it looking beautiful can cost you valuable time and money. Hassle-free Alcoa vinyl siding offers colors and textures that will provide you with the natural beauty of wood without all the maintenance.

New vinyl siding colors available from Alcoa and Mastic for 2009 are:

  • Scottish Thistle
  • Tuscan Olive
  • Russet Red
  • English Wedgewood
  • Rugged Canyon
  • Deep Granite
  • Quiet Willow
  • Serene Seaglass
  • Atlantic Aqua
  • Blushing Coral

Alcoa / Mastic offer 35 exterior vinyl siding colors and over 700 DreamColor options to customize your home or business to reflect your personality and complement your color scheme. Never worry about painting or staining again. Your vinyl siding colors will remain bright and vibrant for years to come.

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