Windpact Custom Storm Windows

Windpact Custom Storm WindowsOffering painless installation as well as unparalleled protection from the elements, Windpact Custom storm windows are constructed in a unique “Twin” configuration. This design joins two windows together with one continuous sill and head, meaning it can be installed as a single window without a mull bar, and there are fewer windows to transport and unload.

Windpact windows also offer:

  • Reduced chance of failed inspection with factory mull because there is no mull to install
  • Lowered chance of water seeping at the mull bar
  • Can be used in custom patio doors for added protection
  • AAMA and NFRC certification
  • Energy Star and Green Building standards compliance
  • Dampened external noise
  • Lower chance of falling or flying glass
  • Cardinal LoE2 coating, which reduces solar gains
  • 3” frame for added strength
  • Impact and corrosion resistant PVC extrusions

With all these features and more, it’s clear that Windpact Custom storm windows are “not just another window.” ™